Foot Therapy

Foot Therapy

  1. OTO Q Seat

    OTO Q Seat


    lift to discover!

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  2. OTO Adore Foot Warm

    OTO Adore Foot Warm


    Out of stock

    All in to pamper your feet with a refreshing massage. Learn More
  3. OTO Calf & Sole Mate

    OTO Calf & Sole Mate


    Pamper your calves , Pamper your soles

    OTO Calf & Sole Mate CS-3000


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  4. OTO Foot Relaxer

    OTO Foot Relaxer


    Pamper your feet with smoothing heat air pressure & reflexology nodes.

    [ Not available in retail stores ]

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  5. OTO Foot Bath

    OTO Foot Bath


    Immerse your fatigue feet with OTO Foot Bath to relax after a long day.

    Used as a Foot Steamer

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Experience True Relaxation with Singapore’s Best Foot Massagers

Discover what real tranquillity feels like. OTO offers a collection of high-quality foot massagers helping you manage pain, tension and strain in one of the hardest working parts of your body. The perfect tool for anyone who works or plays on their feet, sink into our massagers and discover a new way to live.

Everyone is working harder than ever before, so OTO wants to make the tools needed for proper relaxation accessible to more people. Our range of foot massagers deliver the quality you need at a price you’ll love, ensuring that everyone can take the weight of their soles in the best possible way. Browse our collection of high-quality, precision massage devices offered at some of the city’s most competitive prices and discover why so many choose OTO for their homes and their bodies.

Helping you soothe your most tired parts

The OTO range has something for every part of your lower-limbs. From rotating massagers helping you soothe tired soles to advanced systems providing multi-angle massage to multiple sections of the foot, we deliver something to suit every lifestyle.

For sportspeople looking to target particular muscle groups or anyone working on their feet or in a manual labour position, the OTO Power Calf is ideal, delivering a relaxing massage to soles, calves and fee through its advanced 3D airbag massage technology. People looking for an all-in-one-solution for cold and tired feet should see if the OTO Foot Hugger delivers what they need with its 4-in-1 rolling, vibrating, scraping and pressuring action.

Delivering diverse experiences for everyone

Discover a world of relaxation in the OTO Bodycare range. Whether for back, feet or all over, our range of massage therapy devices are sure to be the ticket you need to a stress-free time, wherever you are.

See the OTO collection in person at any one of our five locations in Singapore, or get in touch with our customer service department on (+65) 6745 5381 or via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.