1. OTO Vasse

    OTO Vasse



    Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

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  2. OTO Pure

    OTO Pure


    OTO Pure is an Air Humidifier/ Aroma Diffuser which aids in adding moisture to the air to prevent dryness.

    It also has the ability to emit a pleasant scent once essential oil or any other fragrance is added, giving your surrounding a clean and fresh air!

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  3. OTO ILOJE Hand Gel

    OTO ILOJE Hand Gel

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price $16.80

    OTO ILOJE Hand Gel (Ethanol with body lotion)

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  4. OTO ILOJE Hand Gel Bundle

    OTO ILOJE Hand Gel Bundle


    OTO ILOJE Hand Gel Bundle (Ethanol with body lotion)



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Air Purifiers Helping Singapore Breathe Easy

Whether for your whole apartment or your own little part of the office, OTO has a purifier that will ensure you’re giving your body only the best. Our range helps to strip many of the impurities out of the air around us, lending our space a fresher feeling and helping us to minimise contact with allergens and pollutants.

With more and more people becoming aware of the dangers of a polluted home or workplace, we want to make it easier for everyone on every budget to combat it in their own space. That’s why the OTO range of high-quality purifiers are offered at some of the most competitive prices in the city, helping everyone make sure they’re living a cleaner, purer life. Take a look at our collection today and discover how close you could be to the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

A better choice for your home

The OTO collection of air purifiers has been designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of people living in heavily urbanised areas wanting to breathe just that little bit easier. We can’t all run away to the countryside for a weekend of clean living and fresh rural air, but with the OTO range, you’ll have the next best thing.

The OTO Purey boasts a 70 sqm coverage area, perfect for bedrooms and small apartments. With four layers of filters plus an ionising filter, it keeps many problematic elements such as pollen, pet dander, and more out of the air you breathe, making it perfect for asthmatics and people with allergies.

On dry, hot nights, the OTO Revitalizer is your friend. A high-efficiency humidifier, it’s advanced water washing technology delivers clean, lightly moistened water throughout your room, helping you sleep easier during the hottest parts of the year.

Delivering the quality of life you want

OTO is more than just a product line, it’s a way of life. Discover our massage therapy devices, exercise machines and wellness products and find out how you could be living more comfortably than ever before.