Wireless Series

Wireless Series

  1. OTO Energia

    OTO Energia

    Regular Price: $238.00

    Special Price $99.00

    The all-time favourite!

    Double Facial Result! A Wireless Hi-Tech Beauty Stick Massager!

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  2. OTO Muscle Jet

    OTO Muscle Jet

    Regular Price: $428.00

    Special Price $298.00

    Portable Multi-Massager



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  3. OTO PowerSpin

    OTO PowerSpin


    OTO PowerSpin (PN-1000) is a wireless handheld massager suited for both massage and body shaping.

    Within 15mins, enjoy a massage and body-shaping spa anywhere, everywhere!

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  4. OTO Spinal Spa

    OTO Spinal Spa


    Sleek, Slim, Quiet & Wireless!


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  5. OTO Pocket Spa

    OTO Pocket Spa

    Regular Price: $198.00

    Special Price $99.00

    From airplane to office! An instant electronic heat pad

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Singapore’s Favourite Wireless Back Massagers

Have a skilled massage therapist always on hand. The OTO wireless series delivers relaxation and tension relief wherever you go. Whether at the office, in your home, or on the train, you’ll be able to work kinks out and reduce your stress levels.

We want everyone, everywhere to be able to enjoy the experience of settling in for an evening on the couch or their morning commute with the comfort of our wireless massagers, so we offer our range at some of the best prices in the industry. Discover how easy finding a little bit of serenity wherever you are could be when you browse the OTO range of effective, affordable wireless massagers.

Comfort & convenience wherever you go

We all love the sense of tranquillity and peace that come with settling into our favourite massage chair at home. Take that sensation with you wherever you go with our wireless range. With a range of designs to suit every need from back and shoulder massage to high-speed neck massage, to heat therapy for sore muscles, there’s always an OTO product to help you create the experience you want.

Many of our models are equipped with high-capacity rechargeable batteries, meaning you can extend your relaxation period even further. Take your OTO device with you on the MRT and arrive at your destination immune to the stress of peak-hour transit, or enjoy it around the home whether you’re doing chores or reading a book.

A new way to relax

Discover our complete range at one of our five locations in Singapore and find out why so many across the city ensure they always have their OTO device close at hand. Not sure which one is right for you? Get in touch with our customer service department via email at info@otobodycare.com or call us directly on (+65) 6745 5381.