OTO Spinex

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OTO Spinex

OTO Spinex SPX-500

Let the OTO Spinex help you get rid of annoying cellulite while you enjoy a massage. It is an oscillating massage device that mimics the circular strokes of traditional massage. While providing an in-depth massage, its circular strokes help break down fatty deposits and stimulate lymphatic flow, which in turn assists in the removal of metabolic waste products. Use the OTO Spinex – whether you are worried about dimply cellulite, want to reduce water retention or simply relieve muscle fatigue.


Product Name: OTO Spinex

Type of Product: Handheld massager

Model Number: SPX-500

Power Consumption: 24W

Min Speed: 2200 RPM

Max Speed: 2500 RPM

Weight: 1.5KG

Dimensions: 16 (L) x 10 (W) x 18 (H) CM

Guarantee Period: 1 Year (Complimentary)

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