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Unique Features
- Triphasic waveform delivery (warm up, active and cool down phase)
- Simulates “synthetic exercise” at the cellular level
- Dynamic waveforms from 72 – 75 Hz
- Small, portable and rechargeable
- User-friendly control
- 12 therapy SIM cards to target specific problem areas
- Auto shut-down at 30 minutes with audio warning of therapy completion
OTO e-Cell

If you are looking to achieve effective pain relief, look no further. OTO e-cell is a breakthrough device invented by Singaporean and Australian scientists, designed to target and alleviate muscle pain.

It uses a unique technology called pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). PEMF works on the cellular level to help improve your body’s healing process. PEMF makes your cells believe that your body is exercising, and this stimulates your body's natural repair and regeneration process.

12 SIM cards
The OTO e-cell uses 12 SIM cards to target pain at specific parts of your body, such as your neck, lower back, or knee. Each SIM card is uniquely programmed with different combinations of PEMF waveforms, allowing targeted therapy for your pain.

The OTO e-cell has helped more than 40,000 people worldwide to alleviate their pain, allowing them to return to normal daily lives.
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