OTO Adore Foot

OTO Adore Foot

OTO Adore Foot AF-80

A stylish and adorable foot massager with a compact design gives your tired, aching feet a little tender loving care with it’s unique foot reflexology features.

What makes Adore Foot special?

  • 24 massage knobs in different shapes and sizes cover various reflexology points on the sole of each feet.
  • 2 sets of knobs target the sides of each ankle.
  • 2 air bags on sides of feet create a wrap around effect and hold the feet firmly for an enhanced massage experience.
  • 3 massage modes with combinations of air and acupressure points massage.

Adore Foot improves flexibility and mobility of feet and legs complimenting regular exercise and sporting activities.Adore Foot soothes your tired feet after a hard day of work especially for those wearing high heels or those required to stand or walk for a long period of time.


  • Provides intensive and impactful stimulation to the foot reflexology points
  • Improves blood circulation in feet and legs
  • Relieves stiff and aching muscles
  • Improves flexibility and mobility of feet
  • Heat therapy relieves cold and numb feet


Product Name: OTO Adore Foot

Model Number: AF-80

Power Rating: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 35W

Auto Timer: 15 Mins

Box Dimensions: 426 (L) x 272 (W) x 466 (H) mm

Nett / Gross Weight: 5.5kg / 7.0kg

Guarantee Period: 1 Year (Complimentary)

  • OTO Adore Foot