OTO Foot Hugger

OTO Foot Hugger


OTO Foot Hugger provides 4-in-1 wrapping foot massage functions: air pressure, rolling, vibrating and scraping. It helps relieve your tired foot and stimulate the acupressure points of soles especially for the high heels lovers. It keeps you at the optimum state all the times.


Stimulating the acupressure points of soles for well-being; releasing extra toxins from the body, slowing down aging

Relieve tired and stiff feet

Heat Therapy warms up cold feet 

Improve blood circulation and promote metabolism

Relieve stress, makes you sleep tight


Product Name: OTO Foot Hugger

Model Number: FH-62

Rating Voltage: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Auto Timer: 15 mins

Power Consumption: 50W

Product Dimension: 423 (L) x 407 (W) x 282 (H) mm

Gift Box Dimension: 473 (L) x 460 (W) x 335 (H) mm

Net / Gross Weight: 6.8 / 9.9 Kg

International Safety Compliance: CE

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