Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs

  1. OTO EQ-09S

    OTO EQ-09S


    The new EQ-09S chair is small & compact but with massage functions of a big chair!

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  2. OTO Essentia ES-05A

    OTO Essentia ES-05A


    OTO Essentia ES-05A


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  3. OTO Prestige PE-09

    OTO Prestige PE-09


    Out of stock

    OTO Prestige PE-09

    upon request*

    OTO Prestige Massage Chair is equipped with an ultra-long L-track design, together with the new 4D thermal massage mechanism, provides deep massage for your neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, thighs, calves and soles to relieve strained muscles.

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  4. OTO Parity PY-02

    OTO Parity PY-02


    Out of stock

    OTO Parity 02 Massage Chair (PY-02) has 2 anti-gravity positions, 6 auto massage modes, 6 massage strokes and 4 air pressure massage modes. Its 3D arm massage function best fits the urban people with tired hand caused by frequent use of computer mice and electronic devices. Its foldable massage footrest makes it more space-saving. OTO Parity 02 Massage Chair helps relieve muscle ache and fatigue especially on neck, shoulders and waist. It provides full massage experience frim your neck to your calves and to your fingers, fully relaxing your body and soul. Learn More
  5. OTO LIFT LC-800S

    OTO LIFT LC-800S


    OTO LIFT LC-800S

    An innovative sit-to-stand aid that provides increased mobility.

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Singapore’s Most Relaxing Massage Chairs

Discover a new approach to comfort. OTO is proud to offer some of the most advanced massage chairs in the city. Built from the ground up to respond to the demands the modern world places on the body, our range of chairs blend traditional Eastern therapies with innovative Western technology for an unparalleled, unprecedented experience.

The OTO range adds value and enjoyment to every life. The perfect antidote to our busy work and personal lives, our massage chairs offer you the chance for a bit of well-deserved self-indulgence. Sink into rich leather and allow the machine’s advanced mechanics to delicately, precisely and effectively attack and manage knots and stress points from the lower calves to the upper back, leaving you rested, relaxed and revitalised.

Delivering true serenity

The OTO family of massage chairs offers something for every home and every different body. Whether you’re looking for a space efficient OTO ELVI Quad for private use in a modest apartment or want the full experience of the OTO Elite cradling you from neck to ankles in comfort, we have something to suit you.

Many of our models offer a number of advanced features including zero wall forward slide reclining – no rear wall space required – and multiple air massage zones for precise targeting of problem points. Silent air pumps and a cradle-like swinging motion combine for the ultimate in quiet, peaceful relaxation, delivering an experience you’ll look forward to every night.

The right choice for every body

With everything from portable back and neck units to automatic foot massages, the OTO range has something to help relieve tension wherever it’s found.

Visit one of our five store locations across Singapore and experience the ultimate in comfort for yourself. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or through our enquiry page, or by calling us at our head office on (+65) 6745 5381.