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OTO – The People’s Brand

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At OTO, your well-being keeps us going. With over 45 years of experience, we’re proud to deliver a strong line-up of innovative healthcare products for your everyday needs. Innovation, reliability, efficacy, affordability — the heart of all we do.

Whether you are looking for a personal or corporate gift, or simply something to elevate your lifestyle, we can provide.
We dedicate our efforts in developing our products as much as we care about you.

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At OTO, we believe in living life to its fullest through the wonders of balance and totality. The ‘O’ in OTO signifies our belief of wholeness through a unique combination of Eastern traditional therapies with innovative western technologies.



OTO has taken a journey of leaps and bounds since establishment in 1978 in Singapore. We have expanded our footprints beyond local shores with offices and retail networks in Asia, Europe and the Middles East. Today, we are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.



The global and cross culture experience widens our product understanding, allowing us to create innovative products for modern lifestyles. Our efforts have warranted a brand image as one of the leading healthcare product brands in the market today.


Life, an endless journey of discovery. The OTO philosophy goes hand in hand with working hard, playing hard and exercising hard to achieve a harmonious lifestyle, empowering our customers to be in the pink of health. Together, we are about balance in life.

True balance in life is enlivened through our suite of product innovations. As we move forward with global expertise fueled by a strong cross-cultural team, we continue to foster partnerships with international institutions to expound new techniques with the right mix of traditional techniques and innovative technologies.

Over 20 Years of

Over 20 Years of


Dedicated & Pro

Dedicated & Pro


Our People, Our Assets

AT OTO, our global perspective is the result of our diversified pool of talents. The global and cross culture experience widens our understanding towards the requirements of varying markets.

Thinking Out Of The Box

Connecting with customers on a ground level has propelled us to take bold steps in translating our philosophy of wholeness through our marketing efforts.

Embarking on adventurous approaches in our brand messages, we illustrate our global knowledge and expertise through a variety of creative platforms.

As we think out of the box to package every product in interesting ways that excites our customers, our efforts have warranted a brand image as one of the leading healthcare product brands in the markets today.

A lasting and trusting relationship with our customers is what truly makes OTO a people’s brand.

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Delivering the quality of life, you need. OTO is more than just a product line, it’s a way of life. Discover more about our brand and therapeutic products to find out how you could be living more comfortably than ever before.